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The Southern California OS/2 User Group

Next Meeting:

April 21, 2001, after the general meeting
in Orange

Terry Warren will be leading the Programming SIG again in April. He'll continue with the basics of TCP/IP, including addressing, routing and OS/2 tracing and packet formatting capabilities. Protocols that will be discussed include ICMP (RFC 792 et al), ARP (RFC 826), DHCP (RFC 1541), IP (RFC 791), UDP (RFC 768) and PPP (RFC 1661).

Who Are We?

The SCOUG Programming Special Interest Group (SIG) is a collection of SCOUG members who meet after each General Meeting to discuss various programming topics. Just like the general SCOUG membership, the SIG is made up of a diverse group of people with diverse backgrounds. Some are mainframe programmers, some are PC programmers. Some use Java, some use PL/1. Some are big endian, others are little endian.

All of this diversity makes for interesting meetings.

What Have We Done?

Our recent meetings have been a mix of topics. We started by writing an FTP server. As that project wound down, we took a look at Javascript. We've also used the EMX and GCC tools to port Unix software to OS/2. Peter Skye gave us a device driver presentation. Kevin McCoy of IDK, Inc. discussed how VXRexx DLLs written in Virtual Pascal/2 were used in the development of their product, KeyRing/2. And we looked at Y2K issues both pre and post January 1st, 2000.

Looking farther back, the Programming SIG has developed a new Java based sign-in application for our monthly raffle. We've also provided an entire lecture series on programming with Java. The success of these efforts was due to our current President and past SIG leader Terry Warren.

Feedback, etc.

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