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Back Again/2000

In January We Saw the Latest OS/2 Back-up Offering from CDS

CDS' Brent Bowlby treated SCOUG members to a look at their newest flagship product - Back Again/2000. With increases in speed, functionality and ease-of-use, Back Again/2000 is a step ahead of CDS' prior back-up solution, Back Again/2.

SCOUG members were able to see Back Again/2000 demonstrated with the newest tape technology by Ecrix. This sends a strong message that CDS remains committed to cutting-edge support under OS/2.

On the sidelines, IRC visitors from around the world were treated to a blow-by-blow live report of the meeting's proceedings. Questions from IRC particpants were even posed to Bowlby at the meeting. Bowlby later participted in a live IRC interview from the SCOUG meeting site, at IBM's offices in Costa Mesa, California. This was a strong close to SCOUG's 5 years of meetings at IBM. The site is now unavailable for SCOUG to use, and SCOUG's future meetings will be at a yet-undetermined location.