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The Southern California OS/2 User Group

May 2000


by Gary Wong

Updates from last month's column:

The subset of SciTech Display Doctor that is maintained by IBM on the Device Driver Pak On-Line has been updated. Go to

CDR/RW Wizard is at version 0.99 beta 12; it's a GUI interface to CDRecord/2. This updated beta was released on 04/21/2000. Also updated is RadioTrackFr version 1.0 beta 3, an AIMS Radio Track program. Both are at

GSView version 2.93 (beta) was released on 04/18/2000. GSView is a graphical document viewer that uses Ghostscript as its' display engine. You can find it at

Timidity++ version 2.91 (03/30/2000), a software MIDI synthesizer, and LBMix version 0.03 (04/18/2000), a universal mixer for cards with IOCTL90 API were released. They are available at

Daniela Engert has updated on 04/07/2000 Danis506 version 1.2.3 and Daniatapi version 0.21. Danis506 is at Hobbes with search key danis, and Daniatapi has search key dania. (Note: the search key for Danis506 was incorrect in last month's column).

InCharge has been updated on 04/05/2000 to version 1.02.63. Go to

Did you stick around at the March 2000 SCOUG meeting for Tim Katz's XFree86/OS2 presentation? An alpha version of Xfree86/OS2 4.0 is available as of 04/03/2000. Go to http://borneo/ Also running under XFree86/OS2 is GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), billed as THE PhotoShop for Linux. A test version of 1.1.19 has been released as of 03/31/2000. Go to It now includes extras like Gimpressionist, xscanimage, and the HTML manual. The HelpBrowser also works, if you get gnomelibs. The stable version 1.0.2 is at

Maul Publisher version 1.21 has been released on 03/30/2000. It is billed as the "world's first professional desktop publisher for OS/2". Go to

Electronic Teller 3.23 has been released on 04/29/2000. It is a native financial management suite for home users. Future plans are to include investment account support. Go to

This month's new listings:

IBM has released TCP/IP Version 4.3 (04/28/2000) for Warp 4, Warp Server for e-Business, and WorkSpace On-Demand. Some of the features include enhanced NetBIOS over TCP/IP, spam prevention, FTP data transfer improvements, etc. Pre-requisites: a) You must be a current subscriber to IBM's Software Choice, as you must supply a user-id & password prior to download. b) Video support of 256 colors or more c) Netscape 2.02 or higher d) Feature Installer 1.2 or higher e) Java 1.1.7 or higher Go to doc/en_us/catalog.htm.

IBM has released on 04/26/2000 FixPak 1 for Warp Server for e-Business. It is available via FTP at, or if you use RSU, at However: see for some information you need to be aware of before applying this FixPak via the RSU method.

IBM has re-released on 04/26/2000 FixPak 13 for Warp 4. It is available via FTP at, or if you use RSU, at It should also be available on the May SCOUG CD. However: you should consult as there are/may be some lingering bugs/side effects of FixPak 13. (I say "are/may be" as your mileage may vary).

An OS/2 port of the open-source Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! Linux driver is now available in beta form (version 0.25 as of 04/26/2000). Go to; it is also at Hobbes.

T&V HappyPlayer is now at version 1.10 as of 04/23/2000. This is a PM application that operates TV cards built on the Brooktree BT848 chip. Go to projects/happyplayer/index_e.html.

GammaTech has released an update on 04/22/2000 for GammaTech IRC to bring it to version 3.06. A new version of OS2Bot, the IRC bot for OS/2, is available as well. They are at

The first source release of OpenJFS (4/21/2000) is now available. It is based on the open source Linux code, which in turn is based on the OS/2 source from Warp Server for e-Business. (JFS is Journaled File System). There is no binary distribution available right now because there are still some problems to resolve. It is available at

The popular Zip/UnZip utilities from Info-ZIP are at version 2.3 (ZIP, as of 01/09/2000) and 5.41 (UnZip, as of 04/17/2000), respectively. They are at

Speaking of Zip/UnZip, Zip Control version 2.66 has been released as of 02/03/2000. This is a PM front-end to Zip/UnZip/PKZip. Archive functions supported include: viewing, deleting, printing, unzipping, create new, encryption/decryption, test-run, and virus scanning. It now supports Norton Antivirus 5.02.41 and UnZip 5.40 (not sure about UnZip 5.41). It is at

Audio/Data-CD-Creator version 0.39 is available (04/16/2000). It is a folder class for the WPS which works as a front-end for CDRecord/2 for creating audio and data CD's. Just put wavefiles or data into this folder and press "write". Arbitrary ordering of files is possible via drag-and-drop. It is fully WPS aware. Use search key audiocdcr on Hobbes.

Speaking of CDRecord/2, there is a port (as of 04/08/2000) of the CD-burning program cdrecord version 1.8.1a05 from Linux. You can burn single-session, multi-session, or audio CD's. Go to

IBM has updated (04/12/2000) the PostScript printer drivers to version 30.716. Also available (as of 04/05/2000) in the same version are drivers for inkjets, Laserjets, and plotters. Go to ps/products/os2/printpak/en/.

IBM has also updated drivers for USB printers as of 02/07/2000. Go to

For those of you who were at the Jan. 2000 SCOUG meeting: CDS (Computer Data Strategies) has an update (4/05/2000) for BackAgain/2000 to version 2.10c. Go to

There is an XFree86/OS2 port of gphoto version 0.4.3, the GNU digital camera image transfer program. It supports over 150 camera models of 19 different makes. Go to

Java Pilot Desktop, a Java program for interfacing with the PalmPilot, is now at version 0.946 as of 04/01/2000. It includes an address book, to-do list, memo pad, expense management, and a datebook. It is at