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The Southern California OS/2 User Group

February 2000

The President's Message

by Terry Warren

As mentioned at last month's meeting, we will no longer be able to meet at the IBM facilities in Costa Mesa. While this is a disappointment, we should also feel fortunate that we were able to meet there for a number of years. The accommodations were excellent and the rates were very reasonable. During that time, IBM was more dedicated to supporting computer clubs such as ours and was also more focused on promoting OS/2 as an end-user solution. Currently, neither of these policies are corporate priorities and so we no longer have IBM support. We should thank those local IBM employees who did take an interest in our activities and were willing to sponsor SCOUG: Tony Brewster is at the top of this list.

As a short-term solution to our meeting place, the board has chosen to meet at facilities owned by Grace Church located at the Heritage Christian High School (same location as our off-site SIG meetings). There are more details on the location and directions elsewhere on the website, so don't get lost on February 19th! While we are currently committing to only the next two meetings (February and March) at this location, it is quite possible that it will become more permanent due to factors such as cost, facilities, and convenience. So, please give us feedback after the meeting as to suitability of this site.

You may also want to take note that elections are coming up! Descriptions of the positions (and what to do if you are interested) are explained elsewhere, so be sure to take a look at them. The election will be held at the March meeting and we need additional candidates for all positions. Please take a little time to think about running for office or suggest names of members you think would make good candidates (don't worry if you think they are not interested, your friendly election committee will deal with that issue). If you cannot attend the March meeting, please contact our secretary, Gary Wong, for instructions on how to vote (you can reach him in person at the February meeting or by email at

See you at the meeting on February 19th!

Terry can be reached by email at