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The Southern California OS/2 User Group

SCOUG OS/2 For You - March 1999


Vote for Your Favorites
on March 20th

Here's how the election process works. The offices are voted on in order - first President, then Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Then the five non-officer positions are voted on all together. Before the voting begins for each position, the candidates are asked to give brief talks about their reasons for running and goals for SCOUG. If a candidate is not elected to a position, he can be nominated for a subsequent position.

All candidates for the Board of Directors have been encouraged to provide a written statement of their intents. As we go to press, all the declared candi-dates are included here. Of course, others may be nominated at the meeting - and you'll get to hear what each has to say then also.

For President:

Terry Warren (incumbent) - I have enjoyed the opportunity of being SCOUG President for the past year, even though the job has been somewhat more challenging that I originally envisioned. (Rollin had the ability to make it look easier than it really is).

I think that this year has been a successful one in many ways: the 5-year anniversary Open House, our participation at Warpstock '98, enhancements to the website, and sustained membership level to name a few.

On the other hand, we did not accomplish some of the goals that I had set for the club in last year's candidate statement such as membership education and community projects. In addition, there are the ongoing challenges related to definition of OS/2's future for our members (and similar user groups around the country) and continuing to put pressure on IBM to support our efforts in whatever ways they can that are consistent with their corporate objectives.

So, it is with these goals in mind that I am asking, once again, for your vote for the office of President and for your support (and inputs/suggestions!) in the coming year should I be elected.

For Vice President:

Paul Wirtz (incumbent) - Wow, has it been a year already? I have enjoyed my time as vice president of SCOUG and am asking for your vote again this year. As your vice president I will continue to assist the president in whatever endeavor he needs.

As most computer stores have forgotten that OS/2 ever existed, a strong user group is our best way to continue to find out about new things about OS/2. Print drivers, USB support, new software, etc., are out there but it's hard to find them all. But one of us has the information that somebody else needs. ISV's see 50-75 happy OS/2 users buying their product and are encouraged to keep working on OS/2 software. By working together we can keep OS/2 alive.

For Secretary:

Gary Wong (incumbent) - Thanks again to you, the members of SCOUG, for electing me as secretary once again last year. It is a great privilege to serve you. I would appreciate it if you would elect me as secretary once again.

This past year has seen a number of highlights for SCOUG, such as:

  1. The 2nd Open House (including the SCOUG CD, thanks to Rollin, Terry, & Carla)
  2. SCOUG's sponsorship and participation in Warpstock 98
  3. More member presentations at our meetings
  4. The Internet SIG now meeting on the Internet via IRC, and the online Help Desk (via e-mail and IRC)
  5. Some more cool logo items (especially the sweatshirts!)
  6. The new-look SCOUG web site

As secretary, I have compiled the minutes of the board meetings, along with other documentation distributed at the board meetings, such as the treasurer statements and Rollin's graphs showing the usage patterns of the SCOUG web site. I have published the agendas for the board meetings as well. Finally, I help advertise the club electronically thru announcements of club functions on Compuserve and Warpcast.

But being secretary doesn't mean you can't contribute ideas and other input regarding club business and activities! With your input, we can address some burning issues as:

  1. Sustaining our membership and meeting attendance levels, while looking for ways to increase both levels (such as electronic advertising, flyers, other print advertising, etc.)
  2. Membership involvement in another Open House, and if SCOUG succeeds in getting Warpstock 99, our involvement in putting it on.
  3. We have seen in the past year the rise of Linux becoming a viable alternative to Windows (of any flavor). In the same way, we can get out the word that OS/2 can be and still is a viable alternative to Windows (whatever), even though it appears that IBM has lowered the priority of OS/2, and the uncertainty of whether or not there will be an "Aurora client".
  4. The content of presentations for our general meetings, the General Interest Group, and the revived Networking SIG. Thanks to Rollin for laying out the Programming SIG's roadmap for 1999 in the Feb. newsletter; now can we lay out the roadmap for the rest of SCOUG as well for 1999! We need your input on what you want to see presented in our meetings (a series on StarOffice 5? A series on Sundial products? Internet applications? etc?).

Again, I would appreciate your support by voting for me to continue to serve you as Secretary. The Board would appreciate input from you, the members, on the items above or any other ideas you have. Thanks again.

For Treasurer:

Melanie Chernoy - Hi! My name is Melanie Chernoy and I am running for the office of Treasurer. I have contributed my time to SCOUG in the past, but it was usually for last minute "I need someone to..." kind of jobs. When I was asked to run for the board before, I declined. But this time I decided it was my turn to help out.

Many candidates list things they want to change or things they want to do in the future. I don't have a grand vision for SCOUG or anything I have a desire to change. I want us to continue to be a place where we can share information about OS/2. But, I know that some of you out there do have great ideas about where SCOUG should be going and I want to make sure the day-to-day details are taken care of so you have the support to take us there.

Which is why I decided to run for treasurer. It is an important support job and one that I feel I am qualified for. I am a detail oriented person and keep meticulous records. I have accounting/bookkeeping experience and can create basic financial statements. I understand the importance of keeping payments, deposits and all financial records current.

I would appreciate your vote, but no matter who you vote for, please help us by volunteering or by making suggestions. SCOUG is only as good as our members, and that means ALL of us. Thank you.

For the Five Non-Officer Positions:

Mark Abramowitz (incumbent) - Hi. I've been working hard this year as a Board member for SCOUG and as Program Chair. Keeping in mind the four of you that didn't vote for me last year, I've worked extra hard at ensuring interesting, creative presentations - and even did some presenting myself. In today's environment, that's been a challenge, but this next year I plan more of the same. I've also enhanced our already-excellent raffle with the help of BMT Micro and a number of OS/2 ISVs. I plan further improvements.

This will be an important year for SCOUG, with lots planned, and I want to help make it the best year ever.

Tony Butka (incumbent) - It seems to be that time of year again. Having been on the Board for a year I can truly say that I didn't realize how much time and effort goes into making the club work. Hopefully, I have been able to help inject into the Board's mix a little bit of the perspective of a regular OS/2 user who doesn't make a living in the computing industry.

However the voting goes -- and I encourage every member to run for a SCOUG office -- I'll keep up with the INK column another year.

Sheridan George (incumbent) - Hello, SCOUG Members: I'm Sheridan George. Last year I was elected to the Board of Directors as a director at large. Since I feel one term is an insufficient period to serve in return for all of the help I have received, I am asking for your support to continue my service for one additional term.

We all meet together because of our zealous interest in OS/2. As a board member I want to see that interest continue. This means maintaining meetings, SIGs (or even starting new SIGs), and other programs that are of benefit to all members. My intent as a board member is to make SCOUG a desirable place to profitably spend time.

A word about my board experience. In addition to my current SCOUG board membership, I have been a board member of California's largest privately held REIT for over 10 years.

Again, I'm requesting your vote to remain a SCOUG Board of Directors member at large.

Steve Levine - SCOUG is a successful, growing organization. We have chosen to use an operating system that may lack the strength of numbers but rarely lacks the ability to get the job done well. We have also chosen an operating system with a future that is not always clear. As a SCOUG member, I have focused on assisting the individuals who have made this choice. As a member of your board, I would have the welcome opportunity to contribute ideas and energy to help guide SCOUG through the changes in our future.

Lynn Maxon - Win or lose I am willing to run. If I win, I am willing to serve. If I am fortunate to have the opportunity to serve, I will do so fully committed to increasing the value of SCOUG to its members. I have no need to serve, but I do understand the obligations of service.

Steve Schiffman (incumbent) - I am Steve Schiffman and am running for Director of SCOUG. During the past year I have served as a Director and Network SIG Leader. In previous years I have held SCOUG positions of Vice-President and Treasurer.

The focus of SCOUG is to provide support to our members and the community at large for the OS/2 operating system. User Groups are a vital resource for individual and small office/home office users as IBM has shifted its focus to a Corporate Network Computing stratgey. It is the challenge of SCOUG to meet this new direction of IBM's and contine to be a relevant resource for our members, doing for members what is not being done elsewhere.

SCOUG has had an interesting and exciting year in 1998. We held an open house. We attended Warpstock and staffed a SCOUG exhibitor booth. We have held monthly Installation and Help Desk workshops. We have 4 SIGS meeting each month. And we publish the OS/2 For You newsletter each month.

As a Director of SCOUG I hope to meet the challenge to keep the User Group relevant to our membership and lead SCOUG into the future. As an organization, we need to continue to provide the activities and social environment that satisfy our current members' needs and also attract new members. We need to maintain SCOUG as an information resource for beginners and experienced users alike. And finally, SCOUG must continue to increase awareness of OS/2 in the computing community.

This year I have accepted the challenge to lead a team of SCOUG members to prepare a bid proposal to host Warpstock '99 in our local area. If we are successfull in securing the Warpstock '99 event, I will need the active support of all SCOUG members to put on the event.

Please support our User Group through active participation. Let your Board members know what you would like. Is there a new SIG you would like to have? Would you be willing to lead a SIG? What other activities would you like? Would you be willing to chair a committee to carry out an activity? The User Group is what you and your leaders make it.

I look forward to your vote and support.

Dave Watson (incumbent) - These are exciting times for OS/2. And dynamic times. We need creative ideas to keep the club viable.

As a two-term member of the Board of Directors, I've seen your board come up with and implement our Open House, Warpstock and other progressive ideas while maintaining a stable budget and keeping a steady stream of great volunteers working the big and little functions of the club. My highest goal is to increase the participation of our members in the operations of our club. I'll be pleased to contribute to that goal as a member of the board if you see fit to elect me again.

If You Can't Be at the Meeting, Vote by Proxy

There's really no excuse not to vote, because you can do so whether you're at the meeting or not.

If you aren't voting in person, be sure to let Gary Wong, SCOUG's current Secretary, know before the meeting. He'll want a signed and dated statement of either who should cast your votes or who you are voting for. So, either send it to Gary in advance or have the person who'll be voting for you give it to Gary before the meeting starts.

Want to know more about managing SCOUG?

SCOUG's bylaws spell out how SCOUG should operate. They are on the web site at:

And while you are on the web site, take a look at SCOUG's ethical guidelines:

The Southern California OS/2 User Group
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Copyright 1999 the Southern California OS/2 User Group. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

SCOUG, Warp Expo West, and Warpfest are trademarks of the Southern California OS/2 User Group.
OS/2, Workplace Shell, and IBM are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation.
All other trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.