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The Southern California OS/2 User Group

SCOUG OS/2 For You - June 1998

Newsreaders, OS/2 Style

See Them In Action at the General Meeting on June 20th

Would you like a simple tool for getting help with difficult tasks, learning new skills and discussing topics that amuse us with friends with similar interests around the world? Internet users have traditionally done all these things, and more, using simple yet powerful Network News programs. Usenet (or News Groups) is sort of the Wild West of the Internet. You can find discussions on almost any subject, find pictures of all sorts, and even software.

To access this information, we have a rich variety of tools available for use on our favorite internet launching pad -- OS/2 -- ranging from the internal capabilities of the Netscape browser, to the newsreader that is packaged with OS/2, to a number of other offerings. Are these OS/2 newsreaders any good? Which one is best? Which is best for you?

The June SCOUG meeting will spotlight this important area with a tutorial on tips and techniques, and a group of SCOUG members will demonstrate and compare some of the best news reader programs in an exciting "shootout." If you have questions, or would like to demonstrate your favorite news utility, email Dave Watson at Dave@SCOUG.COM.

After the presentation, we'll have a raffle, Q&A, and then two of the SIGs meet:

The General Interest Group will explore making noise with OS/2. They'll start by installing a sound card including the AWE 64, review various sound players and recorders, including several MP3 players (a new sound format). Time permitting, they'll also look at different applications for sound on OS/2.

The Programming SIG will continue to work on its TCP/IP project. They'll be looking at the specifics of communicating with an FTP client over TCP/IP sockets. Next, they will begin to look at the mechanics of parsing the client input as well as the FTP command set.

Other Meetings in the month

June 15:

The Internet SIG will be looking at one of the first useful "write-once-run-anywhere" Java programs - the J Street Mailer from the folks who brought OS/2 users the great Post Road Mail program. They'll look at some of the new alternative web browsers, continue their investigations of Internet data searching and encryption, and discuss some of the latest news and events. And, of course, they'll have some of the finest cookies you ever ate!

Come join them at the OCIPUG SIG Complex, June 15th, 7pm, and the third Monday of every month. Note that this is the first meeting to come before the monthly SCOUG meeting, so mark your calendar!

The SCOUG Help Desk meets at the same time and place as the Internet SIG. Bring your problematic hardware and software and SCOUG's volunteers will help you resolve your difficulties. OS/2 related issues, of course.

June 16:

The Networking SIG will resume working with Lotus Domino. This month they will do a Notes node client install from the public shared code that they installed on the Domino Server last month. The IBM Technical Connection CD Technote section has an item that explains how to do the Notes node install (information in the Notes Workstation Install Guide is incorrect). With this information, the install should succeed this month.

Additionally they will setup their network to be able to access multiple Notes Servers. This will be a challenging adventure - join them for an evening of learning.

The Network SIG meets with the Orange Coast IBM PC User Group OS/2 SIG on the third Tuesday of each month at the OCIPUG Resource Center located at 1520 Brookhollow Drive, Suite #38, Santa Ana, California in the Brookhollow Office Park which is located between Dyer Road, Warner Ave, Grand Ave and the 55 Freeway. The meeting will start at 7pm.

Another Local Event You Might Be Interested In

June 7:
The NOCCC OS/2 SIG discusses OS/2 Remote Control Programs, 2:30 PM, Chapman University

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Copyright 1998 the Southern California OS/2 User Group. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

SCOUG is a trademark of the Southern California OS/2 User Group.
OS/2, Workplace Shell, and IBM are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation.
All other trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.